How to Sew a Mermaid Costume

A beautiful hand-made mermaid Halloween costume can be a terrific heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. This article will show you how to create a beautiful mermaid costume so your child can pretend to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

What type of Fabric do I use to Create a Mermaid Costume?

Taffeta is a beautiful fabric with a terrific shine. It is great for creating Halloween Costumes. I would recommend a Spring Green Taffeta for a Halloween costume. Not only does a Spring Green Taffeta have a great shine, it also has an iridescent shimmer!

Where to I buy inexpensive fabric for a Mermaid and other Halloween Costumes?

Inweave Fabrics online is the perfect place to buy fabrics. They have a large assortment of beautiful fabrics at low discount prices. You will find any type of fabric you can imagine for $1-$2 less than the competition. Plus there is a flat $6 shipping fee no matter how much fabric you purchase!

You can visit In-weave Fabrics online at:


What fabric numbers at in-weave fabrics would be good choices for a making a mermaid tail?

There are several fabrics available at In-weave that would make an excellent Mermaid costume. I highly recommend the Spring Green Taffeta. The product number for Spring Green Taffeta is: TAF-SP18.

Depending on what colors your daughter (or son if you are making a merman costume) likes, there are several other fabrics that would be perfect for a mermaid costume. These are the Dark Sapphire Taffeta Fabric (product number: TAF-DS27), the Mixed Berry Taffeta Fabric (product number: TAF-MB10), the Glacier Blue Taffeta Fabric (product number TAF-GB17), or the Sage Green Taffeta fabric (product number: TAFSA16).

Where can I find out how to Sew a Mermaid Costume?

There are several places to find out how to sew a mermaid costume online. You can visit this website or this one for a great mermaid costume pattern. A mermaid costume usually consists of a swimsuit bikini and mermaid tail. You can place the bikini over a skin colored fabric for a more modest costume.

You can also buy a mermaid costume pattern (simplicity) – available for immediate download at:

of if you want you can purchase the Simplicity Mermaid Costume pattern at your local fabric store. Here is a review of the mermaid costume pattern:

Your daughter will love pretending to be Princess of the Sea in her handmade Mermaid Halloween costume. The extra effort it takes to sew your daughter’s costume will be well worth it. Smiles are priceless! If you have a link to a mermaid costume you created because of this article, please send me a note. I would love to see your beautiful hand-made creation.


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